Resistance Radio-NOLA 6-03-2019: The Future is Female

Of the six seats in the Louisiana House of Representatives that represent New Orleans, five of them are consistently held by Democrats. One, District 94 which consists of parts of Mid-City, Lakeview, Lakeshore, Bucktown and Metaire has been held historically by Republicans and currently is held by Stephanie Hilferty (R). Rep. Hilferty has consistently voted with her GOP colleagues as they deny progress and consistently pass draconian, regressive, bills. This week, on behalf of Indivisible New Orleans, Kenny announced that they will be endorsing and supporting Dr. Tammy Savoie (D) to be the next representative from District 94. Dr. Savoie joins us in studio to talk about what motivated her to run, her plans for the district and how you can get involved in flipping the Louisiana Legislature this fall. We were also joined by Amy Irvin, Executive Director of The New Orleans Abortion Fund to talk about the 6-week abortion ban that passed last week. Amy talks with us about what the GOP is trying to accomplish with this bill and the others like it that have passed in states like Alabama and Georgia, what advocates are doing to fight back and how you can get involved in the fight to protect a woman's right to bodily autonomy.  All this an more on this week's episode of #ResistanceRadio! Tune in!

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