Resistance Radio-NOLA 5-13-2019: #FairShare

This week we are joined by Kristine Breithaupt, Communications Director for Mayor Cantrell’s political action committee: Action New Orleans. Kristine stopped by the talk with us about the #FairShare deal recently reached that will bring almost $200 million in revenue for infrastructure investment to New Orleans over the next five years. We were also joined by Ursula Price, Executive Director for the New Orleans Worker’s Center for Racial Justice. Ursula stopped by to talk with us about Unleash New Orleans and “For All of us, By All of us” a new report by the Partnership for Working Families that details how state pre-emption laws are being by corporations used to influence housing and labor policies. And as always, our most vulnerable and blackest citizens are being harmed the most, because what’s more American than profiting off the suffering of black folks? All this and more on this week’s episode of #ResistanceRadio. Tune in! 

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