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Love what you hear? Want us to keep broadcasting New Orleans-based human rights and social justice original programming? We do too.

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We Honor Independent Voices

Support the mission of 102.3 WHIV-LP and help us keep independent voices on air.

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Use your membership card to get discounts on awesome products and services all over town from businesses, artists, and nonprofits that support 102.3 WHIV. Check out for a full list of discount deals.

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Every once in awhile we get some really amazing donations to raffle off – when we do, there are always two prizes – the highest donation/pledge during the raffle period automatically wins one, and every 102.3 WHIV member is automatically entered into the raffle for the other prize, no matter what your giving level.

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The longer you support 102.3 WHIV, the more perks you earn! Record a 102.3 WHIV drop and hear your voice on air! Participate in new content polls to help the content committee decide what hits the airwaves next! Win a jam session with a rockstar 102.3 WHIV musician hosts! And so much more...


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