Resistance Radio-NOLA 7-29-2019: Fully Funded Relocation for Gordan Plaza NOW!

Imagine you have been paying a mortgage on a house for years, and then one day your loved one gets sick and you find out that the house was built on a toxic dump that you were not previously told about. To make matters worse, your house is now worthless, because aforementioned toxic dump. Can you imagine the injustice? The indignation? The anger? That’s what 52 families in our city have been living through and fighting for restitution from our city government for 30 years. On this week’s episode of #ResistanceRadio we have an update about Gordon Plaza and where the fight for fully funded, fair and just relocation currently stands. We also talk about a few recently released HIV studies that potentially have far reaching public health implications. To kick things off, Kenny and MarkAlain talk through the effect that Trumps tweets has had on our discourse and our social norms. Tune in !

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