Resistance Radio-NOLA 2-11-2019: Where's My Money, Man?

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New Orleans attracts nearly 20 million visitors a year, putting us in the top 15 of most visited cities in the U.S. And we generate $200 million in revenue from those visitors every year. Pretty impressive for a city of only 400,000 people. Despite all this money flowing into our city, our streets flood every time it rains, we barely have a functional public transit system, our schools are underfunded, we are starved for access to affordable housing and the water isn't even safe to drink all the time. Our culture bearers, the working class people who make New Orleans what it is, who are the reason why 20 million people come to our little city on the river every year, are not seeing the benefits of the capital they are creating. What's up with that? Where's our money, man? In this episode, MarkAlain and Kenny continue the conversation we started with Mayor Cantrell a few episodes ago and dive into the history, context and complicated web of our local tax collection and how it exudes the systemic racism that has made New Orleans one of the consistent leaders in income inequality. Tune in to this episode of #ResistanceRadio and nerd out with us on tax policy!

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